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Miami Heated Up For Game 6

From ear blowing and flopping to criticizing officials, the Heat Pacers series has been an entertaining one. Lance Stephenson may have gotten under the skin and inside the head of LeBron James but the four-time MVP will eventually lead the Heat to the finals. It’s just a matter of when. Miami should’ve finished Indiana in [...]

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Pacers Will Overcome Adversity

Indiana collapsing toward the end of the season was obviously not ideal as the number 1 team in the east. Based on last season’s playoffs and this year’s regular season, the Pacers looked like the only team in the east that could pose a serious threat to the two-time defending champion Miami Heat. Now, it [...]

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Thunder’s Future and Kevin Durant’s Legacy are on the Line

A first round matchup so full of excitement, exceeding expectations and forcing four straight overtime games has left OKC trailing 3-2 against Memphis. The Thunder failed to get past the Grizzlies in the second round of the playoffs last year, using the excuse that it was because they had to play without Russell Westbrook due [...]

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