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Ashley Nevel is a sports journalist, reporter and producer who began her career working for ESPNU and Bleacher Report while studying broadcast journalism and sports management at the University of Arizona. Opportunities to cover the NBA Summer League and the adidas Summer Championships over the past few years have led to further ventures in the sporting world including being selected as a member of the production team currently developing a documentary series for former NBA player and North Carolina standout Rashad McCants who a recently selected as the #1 pick in the Big 3 Professional Basketball League Draft. While attending The Big 3 League games and events to provide coverage as a reporter and host she will also be developing her own content along with producing a documentary series for 2016 Ms. Bikini Olympia, Courtney King, who discusses her up and down journey to making it to the top of the sport. Her time spent working with various sports outlets covering a wide range of sports, especially basketball and football, have been instrumental in her evolution as an analyst in the rapidly changing sports industry.

Nevel also co-founded Arizona’s Sports Journalism Club to help guide and accommodate students who are just as passionate about sports journalism as she is. The club provided leadership and opportunities for students to get experience in the sports field. Given the turnout and success of the club, the journalism program FINALLY offers a sports journalism class. They offered none before!

Sports have taught Nevel lessons that she could not have learned elsewhere. They taught her the values of teamwork, leadership and discipline, but most importantly, the values of mental toughness and work ethic. She applies those values to everything that she does everyday and she will continue grinding to do what she loves.